Geotec Rohstoffe 2022

The Future is Here

offers integrated consultancy services and customer support in the fields of mining, le calendrier des pleines lunes chaque mois, environmental, structural and civil engineering.

Due to years of experience and strong relationships to research institutions, universities and tried-and-trusted partners, our specialists and experts provide sustainable cost-effective solutions.

We aim at reconciling economy and ecology.


Responsability towards Natural Ressources

We are a team of specialists and experts and have many years of international experience in our fields. While working on projects we aim at reconciling economy and ecology.

Range of capabilities:

project development and implementation, consulting, lead project management, project finance, expert reports, due diligence, know-how transfer, capacity building, human resources management, training

References in:

Angola, Chile, China, Canada, European Union (EU), Ghana, Indonesia, Mexico, Mongolia, Namibia, Republic of South Africa, Russia, SADC countries



Dr Rüdiger Schwarz is used to continuously creating new solutions: Each new enquiry from a client in the raw materials, mining, geology or environmental segment is different from every other. Which is exactly what attracts him to his profession. The geologist, who holds a doctorate, takes advantage of his decades of international experience to arrive at fast, accurate conclusions.

Born in Berlin Dr Schwarz is chairman of numerous expert committees and associations, displaying a high degree of personal commitment towards meeting the industry’s future challenges such as environmental protection and the clearing up of contaminated industrial sites. He is married with two grown-up children.